Debora Lee Meehan has been a pioneer in the field of Colon Hygiene
for the past 25 years. After saving her own life with the great help
of this modality, she has assisted others in understanding the biochemical,
structural, and emotional implications of the healing process.

In 1992 Debora became certified by Helen M. Wood, at the Wood
Hygienic Institute, Kissimmee, Florida. Debora resides in
Nashville, Tennessee where she has established
an exclusive private practice.
Her other areas of expertise include:
-Cranial Sacrial Therapy-
- Intuitive Counseling-

lWe at the Holy Movement believe in a lifestyle of Colon Hygiene.  A series of 15 Colonics for every year you have lived is encouraged.  We are now offering a consultation service to set up a unit in your home complete with instructions on how to take care of your loved ones. 
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